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Total Sports Academy offers a variety of clinics to address the needs of young athletes. Our goal is to enable participants to fulfill their athletic potential for their given sport(s). TSA regularly conducts clinics that are sport specific such as Baseball, Basketball and Soccer.


We offer a variety of baseball clinics throughout there year. We run hitting, pitching, fielding and catching clinics, as well as overall enhancement clinics. Our baseball clinics are run by CT Dodgers instructors which consist of current and former professional and amateur baseball players, as well as some of the best youth instructors in the state.

We strive for tangible results and an increase in skillset to help catapult players to the next stage of development. Though there is a set format for our clinics, we understand that a “cookie-cutter” approach doesn’t benefit all players. There are certain fundamental and mechanical aspects that must be achieved in order for a player to thrive on the diamond; however, not all players are created equal. Our baseball clinics are designed to enhance each individual player’s strengths while focusing of their largest areas of opportunity in order of need.


Total Sports Academy runs some of the most intensive basketball clinics you’ll ever take part in. All of our clinics are headed up by Tom Sparks, a former college player and coach for the 2018 CT State Champions, Notre Dame of Fairfield. Tom is currently the Immaculate girls varsity head coach.

These developmental sessions will encompass various aspects of basketball ranging from the basic fundamentals to more intricate nuances of the game. The developmental drills will enhance each player’s cognitive ability on offensive and defensive side of the ball. The overall goal of our clinics is to help kids truly LEARN the game of basketball.


Our partner for Soccer Clinics is Victory Soccer School. Victory Soccer School was founded by Bob Dikranian, Haig Dikranian and Chico Chacurian in 1972. Bob and Haig Dikranian, with their vast knowledge and years of experience and passion for the game, developed a comprehensive program that has been executed for over 40 years. The head of our clinics is Nathan Roberts, a former player for Lincolnshire University in England and the New Haven Youth Soccer Program Director.

These soccer developmental sessions are designed to teach soccer in fun, game-like environments. These are for youth players, aged 5-13, looking to learn the skills it takes to succeed on the soccer field and futsol court while participating in mini-tournaments, contests and more. Your player will have an opportunity to learn the game the right way and have tons of fun.

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