Strength Training / Injury Prevention
Individual Strength Training & Injury Prevention

At Total Sports Academy, we tailor our Strength and Agility Training to each athlete’s individual needs and focus on powerful and athletic movements for their specific sport(s). There is no cookie-cutter approach as each individual has unique athletic strengths, weaknesses and needs.

We take maintenance and injury prevention very seriously. Recently there has been a huge upturn in injuries and surgeries among high school athletes. With the current trend of single-sport athletes focused on year-round training, the two main causes are overuse and a lack of muscular balance.

Injury prevention works on 3 areas:

When your biceps and triceps muscles are very strong but the forearm is not, elbow tendon issues will surface. The gluteus maximus is often included in strength training but the gluteus medius and gluteus miniums also need proper attention to prevent injury. There must to be a balance to maximize workouts while minimizing injury and this is at the core of our Strength Training Program.

Athletic development and physical well-being equate to a marathon, not a sprint. Shoulders, knees, elbows and joints need adequate rest and recovery… Not for a day or week, but for months. “Rest” doesn’t suggest athletes should stop exercising. For us, it means we tailor our off-season programing to keep our athletes in game shape while resting their sport related body parts that require recovery.

Does it seem strange that more injuries happen when stopping hard than when accelerating? Actions like stopping, cutting and pivoting while running hard need special exercises. Not only do our Strength Training and Agility Training Programs enhance our athlete’s performance times across the boards, we also teach athletes to be more explosive while at the same time tending to the needs of their bodies.

Where it Begins

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